Forest Preserve Wedding in Mundelein

When I think of diy, pintrest weddings that went totally right in all the ways, this is the one. Meg and Dantes wedding went absolutely flawlessly and right in all the ways possible. A small, intimate wedding with close relatives and friends was the way this couple tied the knot. All the little details had little meanings and fit them as a couple so perfectly, nothing to over the top, just enough to show who they were as a couple. This wedding made me not only their photographer, but also gave me a chance to help the two of them have a seamless stressfree wedding.

I always try to make the bride and groom as comfortable as they possibly can and never say no to anything they request if it doesnt effect my work, so if the bride needs help, it must be done! If something needs to be taken care of and their isnt anyone there to do so, sign me up! Never do I want a couple to stress over their wedding day. It is not only my job to capture their story in photos, but to also help them be the happiest they can be so they can remember all the good feelings, and know that they didnt have to worry about anything and can just be them.

I was treated with the most kindness and respect from everyone there, like I was a lifelong friend. It was great being able to capture their gorgeous day, but it was also amazing to be respected and trusted fullheartedly on my skills and decisions, not fussing over details, just a whole lot of love and respect was in the air that day. Im forever grateful for the out of the blue connection I had when Meg reached out to me, and when I look back at these photos it will always put a big ol' smile on my face.

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