Home Engagement Ceremony in Mundelein

Varun and Sindhu's engagement ceremony was on a rainy fall day, almost on the peak of winter. When I think about this ceremony, it warms my heart full of happiness, bright colors, and the smell of really good food. When I was going into this, I originally thought it was going to more of a home wedding ceremony, and boy I could not have been more wrong. This was an amazing, colorful, fruitful, and beyond gorgeous engagement ceremony. When I was told just exactly what was going on, I was blown away. There was so much detail and many steps throughout the process I was in awe the entire time and I was able to learn so many different things throughout. I am always blessed to be able to experience different ceremonies like this, to learn and understand an individual's cultures and backgrounds. It is just such a gift that I am given, and no matter the race, religion, cultural background, we all want the same things, love, and happiness and to look back on those very special moments.

Varun and Sindhu will not be married in the US, but rather India (I'm so jealous). I sadly will not be the photographer to the wedding, but I wish them nothing but happiness and love because they truly are great kind people who deserve nothing but the very best!

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