Naperville Riverwalk Sunset Engagement


Klaudia and I were talking about a location for hers and Kevin's shoot for a while. She wanted a mix of rural while still getting some natural shots with the leaves changing during the autumn season, and Naperville Riverwalk did just that. It contains that classic feel, while also offering some nature vibes as well.

Klaudia and Kevin are so outgoing, and to hear their story is amazing. To make it short in sweet, they have known eachother for 22 years, AND have been together for almost 8 years! Can you believe it?! When they were telling me I was in shock, like that right there is love. They have this energy when they are together that just makes you wanna hangout with them all day and you would never get bored.

Im so grateful writing this for the trust Klaudia + Kevin showed me in their engagement session, and now posting all these photos and writing about it has me feeling some type of way!

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