Styled Shoot clashes with Micro Wedding

Elegant stylish dresses by Grace and Lace Bridal, paired with a versatile venue, The Joinery, that contains all the things from industrial, contemporary, and much more. This styled shoot strived for simplicity, modernism, with a hind of a bohemian/rustic feel. We incorporated deeper warmer tones for the flowers to give the dress a nice pop. As well as added some bohemian foliage to flow nicely with the contemporary style of the venue. This styled shoot contains so much diversity when it came to hair, wedding gowns, and even clashes with a micro wedding! the couple had their micro wedding outside when they asked if they could come in and use our set up. Of course, we said yes without hesitation. The style of the shoot went perfectly with the couple's ensemble and already made bouquets, which made it all the better. If that isn't the best-styled shoot ever, I don't know what is.

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