What to Wear for Engagement Photos! Do's and Don'ts

Between having a photo for your save the dates and getting comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, there are many reasons why you should take engagement photos. Above all, these photographs will help you relive this moment in time with your loved ones. Photos are like fine wine, they get better with age. To ensure that you and your fiancé will love these photos for all the years to come, you want to not only be looking amazing, but comfortable and confident so you can feel the same way you did when those photos were taken. So buckle up, friend. I am taking you on a ride to help you pick out some bomb outfits for your engagement photos! These outfit ideas, themes, and seasonal tips will make deciding what to wear for engagement photos easy peasy, and way less stressful!

There are many things to consider when it comes to what to wear for your session, and the good news is that you can find a vast amount of inspiration. However, first start by choosing what theme you would likd for the photos. What is your style? How do you want these photos to reflect your personality and your partners? Are you looking for a more formal, rural, or nature setting? Once you have a better understanding of the theme and what you want your engagement shoot to look like, then start to narrow down outfit options!


If you are stuck on choosing a location for your photos, consider doing something fun! A picnic, dinner, or going to one of your favorite trails! For more ideas, here is a blog post all about fun engagement session ideas!

The one point I cannot stress enough when it comes to picking what to wear, please make sure you wear something comfortable! (trust me, you'll thank me later for it.)

If you pick pieces that fit you in all the right places, that you dont feel self concsious in, and that you can sit down in without feeling like youre going to bust a button, trust me I've been there, you will feel SO much better and the way you feel will show in your photos! In choosing something comfortable, it will bring more positivity and confidence in the session and when you look back at that time, those feelings from that day will come back, and you want to made sure you felt your very best. Use the following engagement picture ideas to get outfit inspiration that coordinates with your personality as a couple (as well as individuals). Once you have decided on a few themes that feel right, your outfit decisions will follow. You can find engagement photo theme ideas below.

To make sure you are 100% comfortable and condifent at your engagement photoshoot, here are a collection of my go-to tips for engagement photo outfit ideas that will help you get the right look for you:

1. Dress Practically.

When you are picking out your outfits for your engagement shoot, comfort is key. If you and your fiancé are comfortable in what you wear, it shows in your pictures, trust me. You may be asked to do a variety of poses, so keep that in mind as well.

2.Wear Clothes You Can Move In

This kind of goes with the comfortable rule, but you totally underestimate how much you actually move throughout the shoot. You may not be doing acrobatics, but even just the simple being playful, running around, laying on the couch, the ground, etc. you want to make sure you pick an outfit that looks good while you are doing all those things.

3. Dress For You and Your Personality.

You know your style better than anyone else. You most likely know your fiancé’s style better than anyone else too. Pick outfits that showcase you well, as well as a couple. If you love what you’re wearing, you will not only look your best, but you will feel your best.

4. Pick Out Multiple Looks For Different Shots.

Don’t feel restricted to only one outfit. Ask your photographer how many outfits they allow in your session; then select a few different looks so you have a variety to pick from when you get your engagement photos back. If you want to create a few different looks for your photos, go for it! Dress more formal for some shots and then get all cozy for the rest. It's your vision, do what you want!

5. Coordinate Outfits With Your Partner.

Stay away from selecting pieces that are too “matchy-matchy.” Chooese a few items that will give your photos a cohesive feel with a similar color palatte. Make sure you and your partner communicate when planning your outfits for the shoot. You wouldn’t want to show up in a jeans and a tee while he’s wearing a suit and tie.

6. Channel Your Wedding Day Look.

If you have a color palette already planned for your wedding day, girl use that! Pick out some of the colors that are incorporated in your wedding and wear pieces of a similar tone! This will add cohesiveness, especially is you're using your engagement photos for save-the-dates.

7.Yes to Layers!

If you're considering adding layers, I say yes - of course limited. If you have been considering wearing a super cute hat or scarf, or even a new caridgan that would go well with your outfit. Don't be afraid to bring it and give it a try! If you want an honest opinion, as your photographer. I always love helping brides pick the best outfits that add variety to their end gallery!

8. Dress For The Season.

While you are scheduling your engagement photos, make sure that both of you consider the season.Fall and summer have two totally different looks, so make sure you pick a season that you like. The weather will also help determine the outfits you decide to wear. For instance, a dress would be more fitting for summertime, and layers are a must for wintertime engagement photos. Also, if you do not like the cold, do not take photos in the winter! This will effect your overall mood and will show in the photos. Same for all the other seasons. Make sure you pick a comfortable time of year so you feel your best.

9. Dress For Location.

While you are scheduling your engagement photos, you should also make sure that both of you are keeping location in mind. What will the background of your photos be? You can complement this with the colors, patterns, and fabrics you select for your outfits. The two of you are going to be the focal point of these photos, and you’ll want your outfits to help you accomplish just that. Are you going to be shooting in a city, at the beach or at a forest preserve? These are all good things to take into consideration when deciding what to wear for engagement photos.

10. Show Off Your Shoes.

Your shoes are the perfect piece to help you show some sass. If you are going for photos with a neutral color palette, add a pop of color or fun pattern to your shoes. Also, dont be afraid to bring a couple pairs! Shoes can be one of the quickest ways to change up a look.

If you are wondering about what not to wear, dont worry, I got you covered. Heres a short list of things to avoid wearing for your session.

1.Don’t dress in items that are exactly the same.

I promise you, you dont have to wear matching jeans and button downs. You dont want those family photo vibes, this is your engagement shoot! Your photos will come out a lot more natural and effortless if you stick to selecting items that compliment each other!

2.Don’t dress for the trends.

Styles come and go, and these are going to be your engagement photos forever, and so you won’t want to pick your outfit revolving around a trend that is "in" right now. When you grab your wedding album and look at your engagement photos years down the road, you won’t want to think to yourself, “What the hell were we wearing? It hurts to look.” Stick to pieces that portray your personalities!

3. Dont Wear Crazy Patters or Prints!

Trust me, I'm here for a good striped tee or sweater, but not for photos. Sometimes it’s can be not flattering, and instead distracting. Also, try to stay away from logos or brands, too!

4. DON’T over accessorize.

This is not the time for huge statement earrings or a chunky necklace - keep it minimal and stick to dainty, delicate jewelry. Wee want to keep the focal point of the photos is still you & your fiancé!

5. DON’T wear oversized or long tops.

It pains me to say this because I LIVE in oversized clothes. HOWEVER, not for engagement photos. Doing so, you lose your shape - and it won’t look good from all angles. You can still rock the cozy look by trying to find sweaters that sit right at your pant line - which, fun tip, will make your legs appear longer & slimmer!

6. DON’T wear makeup or a hairstyle that you normally wouldn’t.

You want to look like yourself, girl! Today is not the day to experiment and try out an up-do, or dramatic fake eyelashes, with a bold a smokey eye and red lipstick. If that’s not the look you wear every day, dont do it. Keep it real & true to yourself.

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