Bonneville, UT Salt Flats Styles Shoot

You heard it here... we are going to UTAH!!!

Lets Create some MAGIC...

When: May 16-17th, 2022

Where: Salt Lake City and Bonneville Salt Flats

What does the full package included? 

  • Overnight stay at airbnb 

  • Getting Ready Access

  • 4 couples

  • engagements 

  • 2 weddings

  • All meals at the airbnb are included 

*travel to Utah not included*

Price: $1,000

Interested as a local and don't need an overnight stay?

We got you!

  • 4 couples

  • engagements 

  • 2 weddings

Price: $600

* %50 non-refundable retainer due with contract to book *



Thanks for submitting!

Cannot WAIT to see you there!